Here, I’ll post some presentations I’ve given that may be of interest, as well as educational and other resources.


Quals Talk (minus unpublished or copyrighted material)
Interpretome (Description of the Client-side/Server-side System)


Personal genomics:

Primer on GWAS
Applying GWAS results to personal genomics
Identity by descent and state


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  • RT @RyanLCollins13: Even one half-million SVs are underpowered for per-gene SV constraint😢 But we can compare SVs to SNV constraint by @ko5 days ago
  • RT @TalkowskiLab: Our structural variation map in gnomAD is finally out! Outstanding collaboration w/ @dgmacarthur lab & our team led by t… 5 days ago
  • RT @RyanLCollins13: It's been years in the making, but 500k structural variants (SVs) from 15k genomes in #gnomAD are out 🎉today🎉! Preprin… 5 days ago
  • RT @genetisaur: I'm super excited that our preprint is online now looking at population history across ~32k diverse Americans from the @Nat6 days ago
  • RT @dgmacarthur: Yes. Kudos to @uk_biobank and partners for another example demonstrating that large-scale industry-funded genomics project… 1 week ago

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