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Personal Genomics:

Exploring Personal Genomics
Personalized Medicine and Genomics, GENE 210, Stanford
Genomes Unzipped
23 And You

Labs I’ve worked/collaborated with:
Mike Snyder
Stephen Montgomery
Russ Altman (and his blog)
Atul Butte
Nicholas Tatonetti
Joel Dudley
Carlos Bustamante
Euan Ashley
Josh Elias
Amy Caudy
David Botstein
Giovanni Dietler
Bill DeGrado
Skip Brass

Stanford Affiliates:
Biomedical Informatics

I use collabedit for coding collaborations.


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  • RT @RyanLCollins13: Even one half-million SVs are underpowered for per-gene SV constraint😢 But we can compare SVs to SNV constraint by @ko… 5 days ago
  • RT @TalkowskiLab: Our structural variation map in gnomAD is finally out! Outstanding collaboration w/ @dgmacarthur lab & our team led by t… 5 days ago
  • RT @RyanLCollins13: It's been years in the making, but 500k structural variants (SVs) from 15k genomes in #gnomAD are out 🎉today🎉! Preprin… 5 days ago
  • RT @genetisaur: I'm super excited that our preprint is online now looking at population history across ~32k diverse Americans from the @Nat… 6 days ago
  • RT @dgmacarthur: Yes. Kudos to @uk_biobank and partners for another example demonstrating that large-scale industry-funded genomics project… 1 week ago

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